About RANS

RANS is abbreviated RIKEN Accelerator-driven Neutron Source. This was a small neutron source system of the spread type, and a neutron beam was taken out in January, 2013. The past neutron use was performed only in large size facilities represented by large strength proton accelerator facilities “J-PARC” which Japanese atomic energy research and development mechanism and High Energy Accelerator Research Organization managed jointly. A user is limited to it to become the use one year after a half year after use application, problem examination. RANS aims at the spread to the manufacturing spot treating metal materials and light element most suitable for the neutron line use. In addition, the fast neutron outbreak source which is Portable and the development of all large area weather type fast neutron imaging detector push forward the study group of Institute of Physical and Chemical Research in small size now. The simulation to predict strength from the internal measurement of the structure by nondestructiveness observation plays an important role. We aim for establishing the large structure Non Destructive Inspection soundness diagnosis systems such as the bridges which put the portable quantum source, a large area detector, the strength prediction simulation whole together organically for the last time.
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Proton beam accelerated than the right proton beam linear motor by 7 mega electronvolts collides to beryllium in the central blue legislation body. A neutron(n) is caused by nuclear reaction(Be(p,n)B). The neutron which flew 5m than a target hits a sample, and a transmitted image is projected by a detector. The size of RANS is approximately 15m in length 2m in width.

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