Introduction of the team

By Otake on November 01, 2013

There have been only few domestic facilities with neutron sources available as the beam probe, it has been said that the shortage of the beam time for research and/or investigation, and especially for cultivation of human resources in the universities or graduate school. We are developing compact neutron source in Wako campus in RIKEN to conquer the present situation by showing how it is useful when we have compact neutron source on hand.
First, we advance the visualization technique of non-destructive inspection with neutron beam including software development. Secondarily the visualization of such physical quantities as 3-dimentional magnetic field distribution, thermal distribution inside the material, deformation of metal will be aimed for development. By reducing size of compact neutron source aiming for transportable non-destructive inspection system with neutron source.
The research development centered on RANS (Riken Accelerator-driven compact Neutron Source) is going to evolve in the industrial world with novel non-destructive inspection imaging system with the combination of compact neutron source and the analysis system.
We are also developing the large-area imaging detector of fast neutrons with MeV energy to provide a new option for transportable neutron non-destructive inspection system for outdoor use.


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Takao Hashiguchi